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Trusted IT Partner to Dental Practices Throughout New England for Over 25 Years

Decades of Expertise with the Specialized Software and Hardware Required by Your Dental Practice

Cyber Security, Encrypted E-mail & HIPAA Compliance Services to Dental Practices

Dental Industry IT Specialists for Over 25 Years

The Dental Industry has very unique and specialized software and equipment requirements, and therefore requires trusted, experienced and effective IT service providers – IT partners, if you will. At PCS, we are well aware of the particular and intricate connections between your computers, your management software, and all of your other peripheral digital equipment as required for a successful dental practice, and especially for it to be an efficient and effective dental office computer network.

We have expertise in all forms of Dental IT Integration and Support. From deploying and supporting Practice Management Software Packages, to integrating secondary software packages such as imaging, recall software and digital hardware, to providing a high-level Cyber Security and Privacy Standards to meet HIPAA compliance. We can truly claim to have handled every aspect of computing that a successful practice requires and resolved almost all of the sorts of problems they will encounter.

Please continue to scroll through our site, or reach out today, to learn more about the many ways we can be of service to you as Your Dental IT Partners.

DENTAL IT Specialties

Complete Integrations

Partnering with you to get all of the hardware and software pieces working together correctly.

HIPAA Compliance

Guidance through the technological requirements of the often confusing HIPAA compliance process.

Design Consultation

Lending our technical perspective to the process so that your rooms will accommodate technology well.

MANAGED Services

Managed Anti-Virus

Featuring automated program updates, virus outbreak alerts and other security warnings.

Managed Monitoring

From device to printer to firewall - we're monitoring performance and reacting to any problems.

Managed Backups

A HIPAA/SEC/PCI compliant, automated on/offsite backup solution for your practice.