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Cyber Security Services & Solutions for Dental Offices

Cyber Security is one of the most important concerns for companies today. Cyber Threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated day by day. Traditional protections such as antivirus alone are not enough to secure your company. PCS specializes in Cyber Security and offers state of the art protection and security solutions. Cyber Security is more than simply installing security software and walking away; it requires an understanding of how your business operates, your processes, risk management, staff training, policies, restriction levels on your devices, and much more.

However, PCS also understands Cyber Security can be expensive and not every business has the same level Cyber Security requirements or concerns. Some businesses are required by regulation to maintain the highest level of protection and documentation. While others would like Cyber Security Protection but are looking for budget friendly solutions to still offer a good level of confidence in their protection.

Whatever your Cyber Security needs are, PCS can help.

Our Cyber Security Offerings Include:

  • White and Black box internal and external security assessments.
  • Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Assistance with meeting compliances such as HIPAA, NIST Frameworks, PCI, ITAR, etc..
  • Email Security and Encryption
  • Malware Protection
  • Firewall security and network segmentation
  • Gateway Threat Protection
  • Web Content Filtering and Monitoring
  • Data Encryption
  • End User Security Education
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Employee Training
  • Policy creation and management
And More!